Irish Classes in Luxembourg ( situation on 2014-10-01 )

At the moment there are no Irish classes in Luxembourg, however Cumann Gaelach (CG) are looking into how to establish a class for beginners.

You can check out these online courses below. The one run by the Philo-Celtic Society (PCS) is completely free. Just set up a Yahoo account and register online on their website, then select the ‘Starting To Learn’ class, which will teach you 95% of Irish phonetics.

#2 is and has a very good stock of online resources. 

Have a look at as well,

 and finally, Gaelchultúr’s This course is not free but it is of a very high standard.

If you wish to make a start immediately on your own, arrangements could be made to lend you some Irish Language books for beginners, one which comes with a CDROM.

If you have any further questions, just E-mail:


Le gach dea-ghuí / With every good wish.


Learn about the PCS on their website at

This is an online School & Community. All classes are free of charge and taught by volunteers.

How to enrol yourself in the School and then register for a class?

  1. Create a Yahoo Account for yourself if you don’t already have one

  2. To join The PCS, please go to

  3. Once enrolled in the School you can sign up for the class(es) you want. So register for the School Community by hitting “Join This Group” and by following the related instructions. Then you’ll get an E-mail with links for free registration in this term’s classes:

  • 01. Ag Tosú a Fhoghlaim / Starting To Learn – Fiontán Ó Colla. Pre-Req: none. THIS IS WHERE BEGINNERS BEGIN.

    02. Progress In Irish 1-15. Pre-Requisite: Starting To Learn or its equivalent. Sorcha Batchelor

    03. Progress In Irish 16-30 – Máirín de Grás Bean Mhic an Mhuilleora

    04. Progress In Irish 31-45 – Máiréad Perron

    05. Progress In Irish 46-60 – Lábhras Mike Wilson

    06. Progress In Irish 61-72 – Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh

    20. Ardcheardlann B – Labhrás, Sorcha, Máirín, Maidhc, Síobhán, 7rl. Conducted in Irish.

    22: Ardcheardlann – an iris AN GAEL – Séamas Ó Neachtain, Eagarthóir. Conducted in Irish.


There is also this online course:

However, only some of the material is free.


There is also this site containing various material for learners:


Finally, from Gaelchultúr has a wide range of Irish language course for different ability levels all of which can be tried for free before deciding which one suits you. All of the written exercises on the website are interactive. Once the learner has completed an exercise, they can click on the ‘Seol’ (Send) button and receive feedback immediately and are told which answers were correct and which were incorrect, you’re given the correct answers and a score. Each course has forum where learners  have an opportunity to contact other learners and the instructors.


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